About Us

Slinger is a new sports brand focused on delivering innovate,game improvement technologies and equipment for the global tennis market.
Prince Sports ME LLC(PSME) is the authorized exclusive distributor of Slingerbag for the Middle East & North Africa.

Our Vision

To stimulate increased participation across all ball sports by making these sports more accessible for players and fans, irrespective of age or ability.

Our Mission

To innovate, design and develop portable, affordable ball launchers, and other practice equipment solutions for all ball sports.

Our Story

Joe, an avid tennis player, had this crazy idea that quickly became a core mission for him: that everyone should be able to own a tennis ball launcher. He loved the concept of tennis ball launchers, and always used them when he was at the club and they were available. Problem was, they weren’t always available, or easy to use, or even good for that matter.

He knew that to make a tennis ball launcher for everyone, besides being simple and incredible, it would have to be both portable and affordable. So we got to work, and we couldn’t be prouder of the end product.

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